What’s on your mind (2014)

Written, produced, recorded and mastered by hearhere (crystin fawn / marco p.). The beautiful video was directed, filmed and edited by Patrik Bolecek. The song is available February 7th 2014 on the Itunes Store and via most of the other digital retailers.

„What’s on your mind” is the second single taken from Hearhere’s 2014 debut album “Shadows of the ones we love”. The song was written, recorded, deleted, rewritten and rerecorded in 2013 by Marco and Crystin. The foundation of this track is the haunting piano line you hear at the beginning, which was processed through an old, nearly broken tape recorder. The result was a fragile, nostalgic grammophone-like mood, which was a good starting point for Crystin’s melancholic and emotional offensive lyrics. Planned as the only true and rather short ballad on the upcoming album, the track vanished in some folder labelled „not really finished, yo!” on one of the countless hearhere harddiscs.

It re-emerged during the album mixing process, where Marco decided to give it some sort of brutal and sinister electronic appendix by using harsh synth modules like the „4ms Noise Swash” and the „WMD Geiger Counter”. These are mainly used for distortion and freaky noises, and not for balladesque sounds.

Contrary to the usually dense layered and carefully designed hearhere soundscapes Marco decided to take a different route this time and limit everything down to essential and raw sound qualities, leaving enough space for Crystin to subtly fill the space with her wistful and enthralling voice. The chorus came last, and represents the propelling mix of both the piano and synth part and a cure-esque guitar riff, which alltogether add a moving touch to the rather paralyzing qualities of this 6 minute melancholic masterpiece. By the end you will wonder how a once gloomy song turned into a dark and sinister 80ties synth funk hommage.

„What’s on your mind” is the most diversified hearhere song as of yet, and is considered as the band’s blueprint for the sound of the upcoming debut album.